3 Rules on Money and Success!

Financial literacy: One of the most unused, unheard terms which ironically needs the attention and limelight today.


We all build our foundation in learning while at school, but how often are we taught about finances? We all have pre-conceived notions about money. Some say it’s the root of all evil, while some have a very pessimistic attitude towards the same. We work towards earning money, but how often are we told what it takes to accumulate wealth?

Even though there are experts to take care of it, it is important to break these barriers and understand the basics of finances. As cliché as it may sound, there are “rules on money and success indeed” and these are not the ones you would ever want to break. Don’t waste too much time wondering HOW? Watch the video: http://bit.ly/2HIwvyv

Written & Published by:
Prashanth Prabhu, Founder & Principal Investment Adviser – 29k Group

Published by:
Shweta Gaba, Consultant – 29k Investment Advisers Pvt. Ltd.