Our unique investment model is geared to maximise your wealth while minimising your risk.

The Prosperity Architecture is a three-tier approach to building a strong and sustainable passive income stream. Each level is designed to bring you closer to the dream of financial freedom, one step at a time.


The objective at this stage is to build liquidity in your portfolio, which gives you the dual benefits of security and flexibility. To help grow your liquidity, we suggest investing primarily in mutual funds that are diversified across geographies and currencies.

*Recommended asset allocation: 40%-45%


The aim here is to increase the number of assets that create regular cash flows. These ensure a steady stream of income over time, giving you a reliable base on which to confidently plan for the future. Structured notes and real estate often serve as good investments for this purpose.

*Recommended asset allocation: 40%-45%


The final step in the architecture involves applying leverage to amplify your wealth. With 80% of your portfolio secure in the Foundation and Core, this stage could dramatically increase ROI with minimal risk, giving your net worth a considerable boost.

*Recommended asset allocation: 10%-20%

*The asset allocation varies with client's risk tolerance which will be analysed during the course of financial planning